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I am glad to hear that she is all right!  I have a son of my own, he is just 3
months old.  I was not on the pump during my pregnancy (I wish I had been, I
would have been able to keep much tighter control)  Everyone is different when
it comes to low BG.  My Dr. had me taking glucagon if my sugars were below 60.
I had a couple of doozy reactions during the first trimester, in fact I got
lost in our 1 bedroom apt. during one of them.  They make glucagon that comes
already in the syringe now.  All you have to do is shake it up, and inject.  I
have noticed now that I am on the pump that I can feel reactions "coming on"
at higher BG.  Whereas when I was on shots I would get to the 60 before I
would notice, now I feel at 80's.  I wonder if this is so with your wife?
Also during my whole pregnancy the key to keeping out of those lows were
Testing before and after meals and twice during the night, it was a pain, but
far better than waking up unsure of where I was, or who I was.  I hope that
the rest of her pregnancy is more enjoyable!  
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