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[IP] Re: Scary

Reactions are scary.  Please ask to go along with your wife to talk to a
diabetes nurse educator (CDE), and make certain to get a prescription for
glucagon.  It is an injection (normally sent home in a kit form to prepare
when necessary) of a hormone which will quickly "reverse" a reaction.
Knowing what she feels like (tired) prior to a reaction can be the most
important piece of the puzzle though.  A quick blood sugar test, a
temporarily lower basal, a call to her doc or educator for advice on a
change in basal rates -- all are easier to handle than a reaction.

We all have different blood sugar levels when a reaction becomes severe,
however, a bg of 40 does not sound too threatening to me.  That definately
changes with the environment though.  Please make certain that your wife is
checking her bgs before she drives.  While a low blood sugar may cause
discomfort while walking or working, a low blood sugar while driving can
result in a major accident.  The blood sugars are normally low during the
first trimester, about the same as non-pregnant the second three months, and
will (woops, may -- YMMV) require about twice as much insulin during the
last trimester.  As you already know, it's definately worth the trials.  I
have had 3 kids, all while on MDI, but while maintaining A1cs less than 5.5
I had many reactions.  It will be ok, it will be worth every second, and it
is a great gift of life that is being given.  Hugs will be needed often by
both of you though -- indulge!
Take care,

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