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[IP] Why do you have children?

>Am I missing some logic here? If I knew there was a 100% chance that my
children would also have diabetes, I would still have them. To do
otherwise is tantamount to saying my life is less precious and valuable
than a non-diabetic's, simply because I have diabetes. That I resent.
Imagine that my parents had had a magic crystal ball, and had seen that
I was going to have diabetes. Should they never have created me as a
result? To weigh up the risks is equivalent to saying I wish I myself
had never been born. I love my life, and I take all the flaws that come
with it. I would willingly create a child in my exact likeness. It will
be a bonus if they don't have diabetes, but easily still worth it if
they do.
John <

Bravo John!!!  We do not always (or even often...) agree, but you summarized
my feelings perfectly this time.  Granted, I also have a bit of perspective
from the 3 diabetic pregnancies I have had -- but enough has been
rationalized.  I had considered responding earlier, but had too much
difficulty dealing with the emotions.  Another consideration of
unsubscribing waylaid.
Take care!

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