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Pete -
This can happen and over my 17 years on a pump I have gone through periods of
having it happen frequently.  It doesn't happen to everyone.  Sounds like there
are two probably causes.  A.  If she is 8 weeks pregnant her insulin
requirements are changing (I've been told anywhere from once every to weeks to
every one or two days).  If these are not being adjusted frequently and the pump
is set to old basals, she will drop -- the baby is eating up all that extra
glucose.  You should be double checking her basals and boluses often.  Also,
with a pump she should be blood testing much much more often than a pregnant
diabetic woman on shots.  Again, especially if she is using humalog something
can go wrong very fast.  She won't die but it is better to avert the problem and
catch her on the way up or down.  B.  Some people start pumping and with better
control they loose their old biological system of warning signs for highs and
lows.  Again, the solution is to blood test and blood test and blood test.
After the first year or so on a pump people often run into this problem as they
are still used to thinking they need more insulin than they actually do or
because timing is not always what you think it will be.

Glucose gel works when she can't swallow.  You should also have glucagon shots
in the house.  Watch out for the high bg rebound coming back up.

Sorry to hear about the problems!

Good luck

P. C. wrote:

> I don't usually write to this group.  It's really for my wife Patty whose
> been a diabetic since she was 4.  She is now 35yrs old.  We have a 4 year
> old healthy boy and we wanted to have one more.  We switched from 2-3 shots
> a day to the pump.  She has been using it now since Feb.  She is now 8 weeks
> pregnant with an A1C of about 7.0.  That's when the specialists gave us the
> green light to try.  The other morning, as usual, I left the house about
> 7:00am to go for my morning run.  I told my wife, who was still in bed and
> she said okay.  I usually get back about an hour later and take my son to
> preschool.  Well when I returned I immediately noticed my son was not
> dressed for school.  I ran into the bedroom and found my wife in a deep
> diabetic coma.  Her eyes were wide open, not blinking at all,  and breathing
> from her mouth on her back.  My son was just playing in the den and said
> mommy was really tired so he let her sleep.  I ran to the phone dialed 911
> and at the same time tried to give her OJ. I propped her up but the OJ
> wouldn't go down.  I kept trying the OJ little by little.  The paramedics
> came checked her sugar level(40) then gave her a shot and IV.  She came to
> about
> 3-5 minutes later.  We spent the morning in the ER.  Then we went to her
> OB-GYN specialist to check on the baby.  Everything is okay.  Here are my
> questions if anyone can help.
> This is the first time this has happened in her life.  Is there any way I
> can get sugar in her if she's not swallowing ?  I think some sugar from the
> OJ did get in her blood through her mouth - is that true?
> Does glucose jell get absorbed through the mouth ?
> When will pumps have an auto shut-off if the sugar level is low?
> How close was I to losing my wife?
> Is this common in other diabetics?
> I'm very upset and needed to talk to someone.  This scared me so much.
> Everytime I think about it I lose it.  Any kind words would be great,
> Pete
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