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Re: [IP] Re: Why have children?


	I have to agree with you 100 percent.  My child is the joy of my life. My
reason for living. Yes, there is a small chance that he will become a
diabetic, like my self, but it is only a genetic gamble.  ( one that we are
having tested for next week) 
	I had planned not to have any children, because of the diabetes.  I got
pregnant while using birth control.  (Since I had been on the pill for eight
years this was a BIG surprise) Being almost 30 and living a very busy life
coaching and teaching, I had decided to have an abortion once the pregnancy
was confirmed via sonogram.  I went into have my sonogram at eight weeks.  The
doctor turned on the embryo's heartbeat and I couldn't go through with it.
It's been love ever since.  
	I had a tough pregnancy with multiple complications -- my son had a septal
defect in his heart that spontaneously closed before he was born.  He was born
at 32 weeks and has been running strong ever since.  Even if he developed
diabetes now I know that he would be strong and able to deal with the disease.
Why have children?  Because children are pure joy.  Despite all the
difficulties we have had my husband and I have never once regretted our

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