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[IP] Re: Diabetics having children

When I was Pregnant with my son, I was told the chances of him getting type1
diabetes was slim.  Research has shown that type1 may not be hereditary.  At
the time I was told this, I was also told that my son may have had Downs
Syndrome, Spina Bifada, or Cystic Fibrosis (SP?).  My husband was not
preparred to have a child with an illness such as these.  The entire time I
kept thinking, what if there was a test that would have shown my parents I
would develope Juvenille Diabetes.  Would they have kept me?  There was no
doubt in my mind what I would do should any of these illnesses be so.
Diabetes was the least of my worries.  There are much worse things that one
could live with.  I know diabetes is not an easy disease to have, but if my
son does develop it, then we will deal with it.  Who knows by the time he is
my age what technology will be available to him.  I know when I was 6 that
urinating in a test tube to test my sugars is a far cry from the blood
monitoring now.  I would not trade my son for anything, and if takes its toll
on me in the future, just looking at his chubby little cheeks, I know I made
the right decision, and that it will have been well worth it!
Thanks for listening to me babble.
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