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[IP] Re: Diabetics having children

Wow! There has been soooooo much great input on this!  Up until I was 11 my
mother thought she had - and constantly talked about - her six perfectly
healthy - beautiful children - not even an allergy among us.  Then it hit -
Linda has diabetes - where did it come from - she wanted an answer - we looked
to our family - but there is ABSOLUTELY NO TRACE of either type I or Type II
diabetes in my family.  Mom had a hard time since I chose to rebel against her
and my diabetes but we lived through that as well as my losing substantial
sight in one eye.  However after all her children had grown (the youngest
being 31 at writing) another illness has arisen - for the past 10 years my
younger sister (31 year old) has been unable to live independently, work, or
really have any form of a "good" life as I would term it - because she is bi-
polar with schizoid tendencies.  This was an extremely intelligent - witty -
fun to be with (albeit sometimes volatile) type of person. And again, let me
add, there is no history of mental illness in my family either.  I asked my
mother if, with hindsight, she could choose which condition her child would
have she stated "there is no question that it would be diabetes.  Colleen (my
sister) will never have any assemblence of a normal life whereas you have
gained knowledge and strength in the need to deal with diabetes."  My sister
may live longer (although suicide has been attempted on numerous occasions)
and may be healthier in body, but there is no question in my mind as to who
got the better hand delt to them.  In the end - who is to know what is down
the road - live long and procreate if you so desire!
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