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[IP] starting on the pump

>      A few words about my experience.  I was an intensively
>      controlled MDIer.  I regularly had Hba1c of <7% on MDI.
Hi Richard,

Thanks for your thoughts and experiences with the insertion sites.  Lots
of information here that I am learning, of others' experiences.  These
are not what my CDE pump trainer has been able to offer me, as she does
not have the experience with training many people on the pump.  We live
in an area in Canada, where the pump is just being discovered, and there
are not a lot of people on it, and those wired to the pump, have only
been on it for a short time.

I've had a similar experience to yours, in that, my pre-pump A1c's were
in the 6 range, but at the expense of frequent and severe hypoglycemia,
to the point that I could not safely hold down a job outside of our home

I've been on the pump about three months, and though this is not a
popular thing to say on this List, as far as I am concerned, the jury is
still out on the pump.  Certainly I have less frequent and more
manageable hypoglycemic episodes, but what bothers me, at this point, my
average BG's are higher, and my A1c went up to 7.5 reflecting the first
two months.  I know a lot of the work that my CDE did is to try to
convince me to treat my high BG's more conservatively, as I often
overtreated them, and rode the proverbial rollercoaster.

I was relieved to hear that it takes much longer than three months to
see the favorable results of pump for some of us.  Life is better with
less hypoglycemia, but at this point I am worried about higher blood
sugars!  I am able to work more, and started a new job a couple months


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