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[IP] RE: Why have Children.

Why NOT have children??? Noone prior to our son had  type 1 diabetes and he
developed it anyway. The mom of a good friend of mine had diabetes and none of
her kids have it now.

Life is has no guarantees and you need to take risks in life in order to truly
live it. Are you absolutely certain if you did get pregnant that your baby
wouldn't have birth defects? Or that something wouldn't go wrong during the
delivery and your child would have cerebral palsy? How do you predict that
your 16 year old doesn't get into a car accident and land up with severe brain
damage. You can't. But that's part of the wonder of living, isn't it??

Its still not a predictable thing. I wouldn't trade any of my children for the
world, diabetic or otherwise.

Mom to 4 beatiful kids, two of whom have D, One of whom has motor skill
deficits and on who's perfectly " Normal"(or so she thinks!!LOL)
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