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Re: [IP] selective breeding

Sara wrote:

> i am sure my mom would have preferred to have not had a kid with diabetes,

As a mom of a child with diabetes, I would bet the bank that given the
choice between "Sara with diabetes" or "no Sara", your mom would have
chosen diabetes again.  I love both of my children.  One has diabetes,
the other doesn't.  Do I worry more about Kayla because she has
diabetes?  Yes.  Does she get more of my attention because it takes a
lot to care for her?  Yes.  Does her sister resent that?  Not at all -
she knows Kayla sometimes has priority over everything else and she is
okay with that.  Do I wish Kayla didn't have diabetes?  You betcha.  But
since I can't change that, when I asked myself, "Would I choose to have
this child knowing that she will have diabetes?"  And the answer is, "Of
course."  Kayla is such a neat person.  There is no one in the world
like her.  Each person is an individual and deserves the right to live
whether they have diabetes or not.  Yes, she has a heavy burden to bear,
but it's not so heavy that she doesn't still enjoy life and brighten the
world with her smile.

All that said, I do think a person should give the decision to have
children a lot of consideration.  A child with diabetes is expensive. 
And while the risk is small, if it runs in your family, the risk is
still there.  My husband and I talked about the possibility of having
children with diabetes because it runs in my family.  But we decided
that we have good insurance, and we are financially able to cover the
expenses involved.  And we wanted children, so we went for it.  I do not
regret that decision.

Kayla's mom
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