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Re: [IP] Vanity & the dangers of DIABETES, was Hiding your pump

    And added to your wise philosophy is the ability for medical intervention
that WASN'T available a few years ago. My 16 yr old daughter's horrific
proteinuria was reduced by 80%, because it was detected so early(within a few
years of onset). She's apparently one of the unfortunate ones to be
predisposed to shed protein & the diabetes exacerbated that condition...BUT,
to quote her ped. nephrologist, the availability of ACE inhibitors to
"sidetrack" the progression to loss of kidney function WILL alter the course
of diabetic renal complications in the future.  Makes sense...as she said,
years ago, by the time a diabetic needed a renal consult, the kidneys were
probably already functioning at less than 50% capacity & the patient was
symptomatic. Melissa's lab tests were ALL perfectly normal, she was completely
asymptomatic, BUT she had excessively high amounts of protein in the 24 hr
   So...yes, I can't alter her genetic predipositions, but thanks to the
availability of mechanical aids like a pump & medicinal aids like her Vasotec,
we can hopefully keep her that much closer to the "healthy track" until the
day when (if?) there is a cure. 

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