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Re: [IP] Vanity & the dangers of DIABETES, was Hiding your pump (Long -- sorry)

Bravo Ruth,  You are right on target.  I love my pump and would NOT trade it
for anything, but some parents' responses sound, shall I say, a tad
"Long term fear is paralyzing not motivating."  I would like to reiterate this
PLEASE PLEASE parents, do NOT threaten your children with the complications.
I know your intentions are well meaning, but I truly believe that it does NOT
work.  In fact, I believe that for most teenagers, it does the opposite as
Ruth pointed out.  This hurts me  when I hear about parents scaring their kids
into compliance.  I have had this experience, and believe me, IT DOES NOT
I do believe that pump therapy delays complications, but problems with
diabetes are more or less inevitable.  That is why we have to have that CURE. 
I am not trying to be negative because I have had DM for 38 years and feel
better and stronger now than I have ever felt, thanks to the pump and of
course my own motivation to stay healthy. 
One thing I am learning is how much the pump has improved the lives of parents
and families.  I'm beginning to realize the hell my parents had to endure
because I was on MDI and out-of-control alot while growing up.   ellen
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