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Re: [IP] Vanity & the dangers of DIABETES

> Since when are these conditions "rare"?
> I know many people (in my family even) who have been affected by these "rare"
> conditions.  


Read my statement again:
> these are all rare conditions in the population at large.

Not the diabetic population, but the whole population. Within the
diabetic population, as you have observed, they are quite common. You
can debate the meening of "rare", but I'd be surprised if 5% of the
whole American population had kidney disease...

> It is true is it not (?) that if people with diabetes do not take
> care of themselves the above problems are the end result?

Yes and no.
Some people will get complication no matter how good their control is.
Other people will never get complications, no matter how bad their
control is.
For the majority of people, the chances of getting complications gets
lower as your control gets better. That's what the DCCT tried to
measure. But the link isn't definite. Nothing is certain. Good control
is just one factor out of many.

I seek good control. Not primarily because I believe I'm stopping
complications, but because I feel fit and healthy when my bg's are good.
When my bg's are high I'm moody and groggy, and I feel like shit. The
efforts are today and the rewards are today. That's an easy handle to
grab hold of. I'm thankful that research shows a strong link between
good control and less complications, but I'm under no illusions that it
will definitely prevent them.

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