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Re: [IP] Parents of kid pumpers

>     As to record-keeping, well.........................................that
> seems to rank right up there with not changing lancets!!!....If this is "as
> good as it gets" for now, it's far, far superior to what I'd thought I'd be
> facing with a 16 yr old diabetic teen when she was first diagnosed. I never
> intended to play "warden" to a "prisoner"- my role is that of a "coach" to a
> "player in training".  The more she trains, the less "coaching" I should have
> to do......

Oops.  I'm afraid you've got me here.  My record keeping is highly variable
although I am working on it yet again.  My husband seems to have this incredible
indirect power to motivate me.  He's very subtle too, never a reproach (maybe he
knows I've already done the reproaching before he even saw the problem).  I'd love
to bottle his technique.  Maybe you should give her another 15 years or so on this
one.... Sounds like she's got just about the best coach around!

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