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Re: [IP] Health Insurance in the States


Call the personnel office and have the person who does the insurance interface
walk you through it.  If they don't know there is probably an insurance broker
the company (or employer) is using.  Don't call the insurance company (I
learned that the hard way).  Best of luck.  Hope it goes easily!


Eddie Hart (and Tony Milne) wrote:

> > In this case, will the insurance company accept my diabetes?(being a
> > pre-existing condition)
> snip
> * If not will they cover me for everything else but diabetic related
> illness?  Tony
> *
> * >>*Everything* you asked about ( insurance ) is a prime case of
> OH NO - not the dreaded YMMV, or as Sam would say YMWV,
> Thanks to both Ruth and John for the replies.  I will do my homework before
> I look at coming over.
> Cheers Tony.
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