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Re: [IP] insertion sites


I've spent years trying to make pump supplies last longer.  I've found that:

I can reuse syringes 2x with little or no problem.  You do have to slide the
plunger up and down.  6-7 years ago I used to reuse them more.  Now
lubrication seems to be a problem I don't remember ever having back then.

When I use velosulin, I can keep a good site in a safe spot in for as long
as 7-8 days (sometimes more but not not not a good idea).  A bad site has to
come out the minute it is sore, red or uncomfortable or it gets infected.
That can be anywhere from 6 hours to 5 days after I've inserted in.  When I
use humalog, I can't seem to get more than 5 days without a spot and most of
the time I get 1 1/2 to 3 1/2.  When I mix the two I get 2-6 days, usually
3,4, or 5.  Same applies:  if its good longer is better and saves me sites,
when its bad it has to come out immediately.

I suspect insulin is not your big expense problem but when I've been really
desperate, I save insulin by disconnecting the empty syringe and filling it
with air.  The short tubing has 20 units in it so I pump up to 18.   The
long tubing has at least 40 but I don't usually go beyond that.

Pumping is expensive so you may need to find insurance.  Whatever you do,
don't scrimp on blood test strips!  That will really cause problems!

Best of luck,


M. Kerfoot/J.Riganti wrote:

> Hello pumpers,
> A couple days ago, I was about to leave for work, and realized I might
> not have enough insulin in my pump reservoir before the day ended.  I
> had no time to change the infusion site, so tried something, that I was
> curious about anyway.  I re-filled the reservior with more insulin.  I
> opened a new reservior (pump syringe) package and used the sterile
> needle for this, as I've always thrown away the needles for the
> reservoirs after filling them.  I closed it back up in the sterile
> package, and put it back into my box of supplies.  This morning when I
> got around to changing my infusion site, I did notice a red, slightly
> tender elevated bump at the site after removing the old site.  Mind you,
> this is day #5 on this set.  I've noticed a red bump at the site a few
> other times, so perhaps it is not due to re-filling the reservior.
> Unfortunately, I'm trying to stretch my supplies as they are so
> expensive and I do not have isnurance coverage for any of my diabetic
> supplies.  I usually keep the infusion set in about 4 days, sometimes
> less when I suspect absorption problems after I experience unexplained
> high BG's.
> How often do others change the infusion sets?  Have others re-filled
> their pump reserviors?  If so, how do you do it and what has been your
> experience?
> Thanks!
> Janet Riganti
> Type 1 x 27 years
> MM 507C x 3 months
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