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[IP] Re: Why have children?

Okay, like Tonya S. I am responding with a few tears while watching my son
play.  All I ever wanted was to be a wife and mom.  I know this does not
sound like much to most people but it is the "career" I always wanted.  My
decision to have children (1 girl, age 6, tested neg., 1 boy, age 2, not
tested yet) was a very difficult one because of the problems I had with my
diabetes prior to going on the pump.  However, I was not as concerned as you
seem to be about passing it on because no one in my family had diabetes
prior to me and I tend to think it is one of those roll of the dice things
where you never know who is going to get it.  I was more concerned on my
ability to be a good mom by remaining healthy throughout the pregnancys and
by not going low and hurting my child or children by not being aware.  After
suffering through problems with carrying to term I did have very healthy
pregnancy's and since the pump the lows have pretty much completely stopped.
This tends to be one of those things that each person must decide for him or
herself.  I wish everyone to be happy with what ever decision they make for
their own life.


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