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Re: [IP] Vanity & the dangers of DIABETES

> Stop! You're quoting these stats as if they prove something. They
> don't. The case is certainly strong, but not conclusive:
Ok, John, you want numbers. Here is just the eyes

These are from the first half dozen or so articles I scanned on 

In a study in Japan with 3289 type 1 subjects, 29.8% developed 

Study in Israel ending 1997, with 356 type 1 subjects starting from 
around age 9 by 14 years into the study, 48.65 % developed 
retinopathy, after 30 years all patients were affected to some 

This is the really scary one!!
A small study in the UK with 37 type 1's and 24 non-diabetic kids for 
a control group over age 8. After 4 years ( and I quote ), 
signs of "diabetic retinopathy was present in 43% of the group and 
was related to diabetes duration and metabolic control"

John, there are a couple of zillion of these studies covering all the 
complications of diabetes. None of them show good results.

I reiterate, I believe I was being harsh. Everyone has their head in 
the sand about how prevalent bad the side effects of diabetes can be 
and what it costs us as individuals in time, money and heartache; not 
to mention the 100's of millions it costs our economy every year.

Many of these studies mention hba1c levels between 8 - 9 as being out 
of control. What small data we have from the IP group suggests that a 
pump will easily help lower this 1 - 2 % points with out significant 
effort. And.... this is the range of numbers we can see demonstrated 
in the data. Look at the ABOUT page and see for yourself.

Maybe that's not conclusive, but my kid went from the 8's to the 6's 
in a few months.  It's good enough data to convince me.

Yeah, I know I'm preaching, and maybe to the choir but the data is 
certainly not inconclusive.

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