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Re: [IP] Vanity & the dangers of DIABETES

At 06:38 PM 11/13/98 , you wrote:

>> Diabetic Retinopathy - the most common caus of blindness
>> Diabetic Nephropathy - the most common cause of kidney failure
>> Diabetic Neuropathy - the most common cause of nerve damage and lower 
>> extremity amputation
>Fine. But these are all rare conditions in the population at large.

Since when are these conditions "rare"?
I know many people (in my family even) who have been affected by these "rare"
conditions.  It is true is it not (?) that if people with diabetes do not take
care of themselves the above problems are the end result?
Before the days of technology my grandfather lost a kidney to diabetes,
My mom lost the vision in her eye from diabetes, my aunt lost her legs and
eyesight to diabetes and as a result of the amputation of BOTH legs and
infection she died 4 years ago. My mom has neuropathy as well as I.
My mom also is spilling protein and May end of on dialysis..she had open heart
surgery because the diabetes caused her arteries to become so brittle and they
ended up like corkscrews and they couldn't do all of the repair they needed to
do. I can tell you case by case stories of people with diabetes that ended up
with these "rare" conditions..
This is why I am on the pump==tighter control = less complications.
And aren't these rare conditions the reason diabetes is called the "Silent
Killer'? I don't know where you got the impression that these are rare
conditions.. I have lost too many people I love and care about due to these
'rare' conditions.  To tell people with diabetes that these are rare is
doing a
diservice and is mis-leading them to think they can play around with their
diabetes and lives.
maybe you could explain please how you arrived at this conclusion?
email @ redacted
type I,36 yrs, pumping 4 yrs.

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