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Re: [IP] Vanity & the dangers of DIABETES


Stop! You're quoting these stats as if they prove something. They don't.
The case is certainly strong, but not conclusive:

> Diabetic Retinopathy - the most common cause of blindness
> Diabetic Nephropathy - the most common cause of kidney failure
> Diabetic Neuropathy - the most common cause of nerve damage and lower 
> extremity amputation

Fine. But these are all rare conditions in the population at large. What
is the absolute proportion of diabetics who get blindness or kidney
failure or amputations? We need these figures to make a reasoned
argument, not the ones you've quoted.

> Diabetic Retinopathy - risk reduction 76%
> Diabetic Nephropathy - risk reduction 43%
> Diabetic Neuropathy - risk reduction 69%

Again, fine. But reductions from what to what? We need absolute figures.
What is the risk level to begin with? Or to reinterpret these figures
(very crudely):

Diabetic Retinopathy - 24% of risk remains
Diabetic Nephropathy - 57% of risk remains
Diabetic Neuropathy - 31% of risk remains

Suddenly good control isn't really THAT strong a predictor of good

One of the main motivations for starting pumping is when comps are
already present in some form. So the members of this list don't
represent a typical profile of the diabetic population at large.

It is also an undisputed observation of the real world that frightening
people with warnings about complications down the line simply doesn't
work. Humans do not lead their messy lives according to logic and
reason. Each day involves trade-offs. The cost of denying present
pleasure against the cost of some future pain. A very hard trade-off to
evaluate. Ask any economist or politician. And ask any child
pschologist: children, and adolescents in particular, are _incapable_ of
imagining themselves old and vulnerable. That's a genetically programmed
fact. Don't condemn them for it. We were all like that. Kids may do
things to please you, but they don't do it out of fear of something
they're cannot comprehend.

I'm massively in favour of pumps. I thank God everyday for the freedom
and health this pump has brought me. But I also respect the different
priorities others have.

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