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Re: [IP] Hiding your pump

Good tips on hiding the bump, but..

It wasn't necessary to start with the threat of complications. Many people
are on tight control with shots and a pump doesn't guarentee any better
control unless the motivation is there. Keep up the good times, but IMHO
(in my humble opinion), watch the tone.

Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:08:31 +0000
From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Hiding your pump

>  She wants to wear little dresses etc. and does
> not think she will be able to accommodate it.  I told her miss
> america has one.  Does anyone have any suggestions to convince her??
You might ask her how she would like to accomodate retinopathy, a new 
kidney or maybe dialysis, or perhaps feet with only 3 or 4 toes, or 
maybe throwing up all the time and not being able to eat. Unless she 
is in very good control now, these are definetly a potential part of 
her future. She can be vain or healthy. I doubt she can be both in 
the long run. My very pretty daughter manages to clip her pager size 
pump on her shorts, her pants, her undies, the back of her bathing 
suit (she does take it off to swim or course), and at the home-coming 
dance she clipped it to the leg of a pair of bike shorts under her 
dress (between her legs) with a safety pin. That was one 'slinky' 
dress - all boobs and curves. I thought her date was going to come 
un-glued when she came down the stairs!  (watched him like a 
hawk<vbg>). If my kid can manage, I'm sure your sister can if she is 
motivated to have good control.


> michael
> ps how do you reply to messages so they come up linked to the 
> original part of the thread - I can't figure it out.

All messages should have a reply address of "email @ redacted"
or "email @ redacted", both of which work fine. 
These addresses are automatically inserted by the mail list daemon.

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