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Re: [IP] just one question

Forgive the tone of this reply, but:

You should be more afraid of passing on your closed minded ideas to your
children. You sound like the type of person who would throw away the baby
with the bath water. 

There are other diseases worse than diabetes. Yes, there are complications
and it is a lot of work to keep in control, but I would rather have this
than the Leukemia that just killed my father-in-law.

I don't have any children because they would not fit my lifestyle. Diabetes
was not part of that decision. I have diabetes, but no else in my family
does. My parents had no part in passing that on to me. 

<<<<<<<<From: Heather & Diane <email @ redacted>
Hi everyone I have just one question "if you are a diabetic why do you have
children knowing you may pass on this horrible disease" I have made sure my
child will not get this thing from me (by not having my own child) it's the
least I could do for a child (please don't get mad at me just let me know
the how's and why's and if there is guilt and all that I'm really very
interested in real people's ideas since I know what the medical proffesion
has to say on this) >>>>>>>>>>>

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