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Re: [IP] help - problem on day 3

email @ redacted wrote:
> OK - I'm only on saline so it's not a big deal - yet - this morning was the
> beginning of day three using the mini-med with a soft-set infusion set.  The
> trainer told me to check the set every time I used the washroom but of course
> I did not heed her warning and this morning at work the area felt funny so I
> went to check.  The area was red and the cathater (sp?) was bent up and away
> out of my skin -yet the tape seemed to be in place.  This makes me nervous
> since it is the first time I've ever used the pump and there is already a
> problem.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

Yes, SofSets can do that. I found mine did so a few times, and I would go
high without any apparent reason. Eventually found the canula had slipped
out of me and folded up under the tape. It doesn't depend on being overweight, 
I'm anything but that. 

Then I saw an ad for Pureline Comfort sets, which are now also sold by MiniMed
as Silhoettes or Disetronics as Tenders, and haven't had this problem since I 
started using them. These sets can't work out from under the tape, since they
don't need any external tape, the tape patch on the base is very adequate, 
and the canula goes in slantwise to the side.

You might want to look them up on MiniMed's webpage:

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, MiniMed 506 for almost 5 years, Comfort sets for 4+ years
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/