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RE: [IP] Hiding your pump

Michael....Miss America talked about that during her speech last night in
Raleigh.  She said she  disconnected during the swimsuit competition but
wore it on the inner thigh (using a thigh thing) during the evening gown
competition.  None of the judges believed she was actually wearing it!

By the way...she prefers the soft set.  She was very encouraging to all the
young women in the audience who now have a role model and someone like them
they can admire.  I'll fill you in with more on the event later....running
short on time today.

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> Hi,
> Like many of you, I feel practically everyone should be using a 
> pump!  I am trying to convince my sister to switch to a pump but 
> her main objection is that she has no place to put it.  I thought 
> about this before I switched, but have since almost never have a 
> problem (but I am a male).  She wants to wear little dresses etc. 
> and does not think she will be able to accommodate it.  I told her 
> miss america has one.  Does anyone have any suggestions to 
> convince her??
> michael
> ps how do you reply to messages so they come up linked to the 
> original part of the thread - I can't figure it out.
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