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Re: [IP] Re: Why have children?

Why not have children? Today there is so much technology to help..Besides
diabetes is not the worse thing in the world to have. I have 3 grown young
adult children. I have diabetes..not one has it as of yet and nor do they fear
it. They are aware of it and they get checked. They were born with severe
allergies and asthma..I also have MS and rhematiod arthritis. There are no
guarantees. Anyone can have a healthy child only to lose a child to another
illness or tragic accident 
 I believe that everyone has a purpose for this planet. and I have faith that
God will get us through anything the world brings our way. We cannot keep
living in fear of this or that.
My children are a blessing not only to my hubby and me but to others. They are
all through college..my oldest is a social worker for hospice- married and now
had our first grandchild . She has thyroid disease and in her hubby's family
runs a heart condition that causes early death. Her hubby works on making new
fire trucks and ambulances that many of you have ridden in. My middle
child-son- has his degree in chemistry works and is in seminary full time. His
wife has her degree in speech pathology..btw my son had inherited a speech
impediment but with specch classes since he was 2 yrs old no one would 
today and they are planning children in spite of his allergies/asthma and her
allergies and alzhiemers on both sides of the family and inherited speech
impediement and it was because of him we found this gene ran in our family.
They are planning on children soon. I would never want to lose our precious
memories because he was "imperfect". My youngest-daughter_ teaches middle
school because she loves that age group..she is the type of teacher anyone
would want for thier children . Her hubby is a physical therpaist with
allergies. My youngest ineherited the bunions that run in our family and she
has to have an opertaion..was that a reason to not have her? No!  Yet they
cause her sevrer pain. She also has epilpsy and allergies/asthma.
They all have some sort of health problems..
I don't believe i have met another human being that is perfectly healthy. have
you? :)
I am sorry you feel the way you do about not having children but I have to
wonder if it is really because of the diabetes. chances are babies won't be
perfect..because  no one is perfect..
How do you see children who are disabled? I guess that is something you
need to
look at in your own heart..whatever your choice you already made it..maybe the
reason is what you need to look at.
I gather you are young and that maybe you see the world as a perfect
place..that isn't reality. 
While I don't agree with your reasoning  to not have children..it was still
your choice and therefore I respect that.
You are going to miss out on many blessing in your life by not having children
because of a unreasonable fear. Just my opinion:)
I hope you find what you are seeking:)

PS my cousin and his wife had 2 sons back in the 70's and his wife has
and neither one of her sons have it. 

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