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Re: [IP] Vanity & the dangers of DIABETES, was Hiding your pump

   You won't get any argument from me on THIS score!!! My 51 yr old physician
cousin who died of complications last spring always used to say "it doesn't
matter what you do because there are diabetics who do nothing & are fine, and
others who do everything right & still suffer complications"...He, however,
stubbornly refused to test out his theory by seeing if he would have developed
those fatal complications HAD he done even minimal self-care ( which he
didn't)...Once again, LIFE is a crap shoot but given that there ARE means of
intervening medically nowadays ( ACE inhibitors for proteinuria, Fosomax for
women with osteoporosis, Tamoxifen to stave off breast cancer recurrences,
Mevacor for cholesterol, etc.) then it's counter-intuitive to persist in the
notion that "the chips will fall where they may." That may have been the case
years ago, but with the burgeoning knowledge & medical advances, it behooves
ALL of us to avail ourselves of the optimal treatments. 

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