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[IP] Poor man's pump

Lori -

I am glad that the U and H "poor man's pump"  worked for you.  For 12 year
old Lauren, it was a disaster!  There is no comparision between the real
pump and the "poor man's pump" for us.  

Our problem was four-fold:  1.  Believe it or not the U was a mildly
peaking insulin for Lauren, generally the effect of 1-1.5 units of insulin.
 So we had to give the U at an exact time to time the peak for a meal or
immediately after a meal.  A real pain... and yes we had to get up at 7:00
AM on Sat. just to give the U shot.  2.  The U shot did not accomodate
Lauren's dawn effect, and she was growing and it was pronounced, so Lauren
would wake up consistently high, 200-250.  Caused a yucky feeling first
thing in the AM.  3.  When Lauren exercised, her U would speed up and cause
her to go low and then it wasn't there after the intense exercise.  In some
respects, exercise didn't offer some of the weight control benefits because
Lauren was always feeding up her lows and she ended up needing more insulin
instead of less.  4.  For Lauren, the performance of U was always somewhat
erratic, it is my understanding that there can be as much as 30%
variability in the efficiency of a shot.

We like the pump, among other reasons:  1.  There are no surprise peaks. 
2.  It accurately covers the dawn effect.  3.  When Lauren exercises she
can reduce the amount of insulin and not go low.  4.  An insulin dose and
what it will do is very predictable.

The one good thing about the poor man's pump is that it did prepare us for
the real thing.

I worry that some doc's think that everyone has as easy a time with U and H
as you.  It simply is not the case.  For us, the pump gives us control that
no shot therapy ever could.   We were on the "poor man's pump" for a year
and I hope that Lauren never has to go back to it.  

These reasons for the pump don't even count in the near normalcy of
lifestyle that Lauren so much enjoys.

Diane Massey

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