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Re: [IP] Diabetics having children

I have two beautiful little girls. Alyssa is 5 years old and Amanda is 9
yrs.old. I have  diabetes (121/2 years dx) but it's not the end of the
world. The doctor's told me to have my children at a young age or else
forget it. I had Amanda at 21 and Alyssa at 25. Let me tell you that there
are NO regrets. I love my girls more everyday. I thank the good lord that I
didn't let diabetes stand in my way!!!!!! If either one of them comes down
with diabetes - we'll have to deal with it. I mean I know enough about
diabetes that I most certainly can make my childs life as normal as
possible. If you let diabetes stand in your way of happiness you're not
living because my kids bring more happiness to me and my husband. Diabetes
is serious but if you look after yourself you can have a wonderful life. I
live for my kids. Take it one day at a time and give life a chance. You only
have one chance to make a difference..

My .02 worth,

Johnson, Dr. Ellen wrote:

> Why did I have a child?  Several reasons, probably.  First, I wanted to
> do something that "normal" women do - guess I needed to show myself that
> I am not defective.  Second, creating a child is something special and
> unique for a husband and wife, something that is a team project like no
> other.  Third, if my child becomes diabetic, it's not the worst thing in
> the world (and don't think I like it for one second).  Anyone else with
> comments?
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