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Re: [IP] Hiding your pump

Wow, that sure seems a bit harsh.  I did shots for 30 years and doing
pretty darn well!

Michael wrote:

> >  She wants to wear little dresses etc. and does
> > not think she will be able to accommodate it.  I told her miss
> > america has one.  Does anyone have any suggestions to convince her??
> >
> You might ask her how she would like to accomodate retinopathy, a new
> kidney or maybe dialysis, or perhaps feet with only 3 or 4 toes, or
> maybe throwing up all the time and not being able to eat. Unless she
> is in very good control now, these are definetly a potential part of
> her future. She can be vain or healthy. I doubt she can be both in
> the long run. My very pretty daughter manages to clip her pager size
> pump on her shorts, her pants, her undies, the back of her bathing
> suit (she does take it off to swim or course), and at the home-coming
> dance she clipped it to the leg of a pair of bike shorts under her
> dress (between her legs) with a safety pin. That was one 'slinky'
> dress - all boobs and curves. I thought her date was going to come
> un-glued when she came down the stairs!  (watched him like a
> hawk<vbg>). If my kid can manage, I'm sure your sister can if she is
> motivated to have good control.
> Michael
> > michael
> > ps how do you reply to messages so they come up linked to the
> > original part of the thread - I can't figure it out.
> All messages should have a reply address of "email @ redacted"
> or "email @ redacted", both of which work fine.
> These addresses are automatically inserted by the mail list daemon.
> Michael
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