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Re: [IP] Parents of kid pumpers

> The "success" of pump therapy
> becomes its own "self-fulfilling prophecy". If she awakens at 124 &
> feels good, comes home from school at 99, drops to 85, 90 minutes
> after a large pasta dinner ( and assumes she over-bolused & can
> learn from that lesson), etc etc etc, then she's on a constantly
> improving learning curve where she can truly "taste" the fruits of
> her own labors.

A definite 'second' here for the above message. Lily hates to be high 
or low. She feels 'good' when her control is good. She to can "taste" 
the fruits of her own labors.

And.... keeps lousy records (none at all recently). Oh well..... she 
is in very good control and works hard at it. I can't fault her for 
lousy paperwork when everything else is good.

>     As to record-keeping,
>     well.........................................that
> seems to rank right up there with not changing lancets!!!..
Ahh.... yes. Hmmm... lets not talk about that!

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