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Re: [IP] Re: Why have children?

Why does anyone have children? We all have a host of genes with hidden
traits that we pass on, whether we know about them or not... everyone of us
could be passing on a whole shopping list of problems to our children, even
if we are perfectly healthy ourselves. Every combination of genes for every
individual is different... some of us are lucky and some of us are not.
Neither of my parents or any of my grandparents or great-grandparents had
diabetes (they mostly all lived to their 80s). For everyone, having
children is like rolling the dice. Every couple that has a child is taking
a chance with their whole history of genes that they've inherited. Should
people with a family history of cancer, heart disease or mental illness not
have children? Playing with eugenics is a dangerous game (history has shown
the horrors that this can lead to). With this in mind, I don't think any
diabetic needs to defend their decision to have children.

Since the odds of passing on my diabetes seems to be marginal, there is no
reason for diabetics not to have children. We decided to have just one
child, because that's all that we wanted (nothing to do with diabetes).
He's now a bright college freshman who's majoring in engineering and shows
no sign of illness (we've had him tested too). We have never regretted the
decision to have him... 


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