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[IP] RE:PArents of kids pumpers

"Laura is now into almost a month of pumping and we are slowly working out the
kinks but one area I am still struggling in is how to handle the noon bolus at
school. "


My 8 year old, Chris, has been on a pump since Aug. We have taught the  school
nurse how to do his boluses so she can supervise. Every morning before school,
Chris and I sit down and decide what he's doing for lunch. Then we write it
down on a piece of paper and figure out the  individual bolus rates for each
food he wants. We keep the paper in his meter case.It's also a good
communication tool for me and school without me having to hover.
Then at lunchtime he just needs to add up the boluses for what he wants to eat
and his teacher or the nurse just double check his addition before he boluses.
Both his teacher and the school nurse know how to do correction factors, so if
he's running high, they can help him with it. BTW..Chris does most of this
with minimal supervision, but i don't want to risk him messing up if he's
running low and feeling sort of foggy-brained.

Hope this helps!!

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