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[IP] Re: Why have children?

I just have to respond to this...

My mother felt the same way you do when my first baby was diagnosed at 6 months
old with diabetes and nearly died from ketoacidosis!  I decided I wasn't going
to let diabetes stop me from having the family I always wanted!   There was no
reason we couldn't handle anything that came our way!  We went on to have 4
more children after Kristina and don't regret a single one!  None of the others
have diabetes... YET... but if they ever do get it, they will never get near
death the way Kristina did cause we all know about diabetes now!

Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't it autoimmune diseases that
are hireditary?  If you've got one, you're likely to get another or pass on the
autoimmunity!  I've talked to hundreds of parents who've said "Diabetes isn't
in my family" yet their child has it!  But if you ask them "Does your child
have a history of thyroid diseases or any other autoimmune disease?" and you'd
be surprised at the answer!  It's an overwhelming YES every time!  Long before
I had children, I had hypothyroidism!  Should this have kept me from having
children for fear they'd get diabetes?  NO WAY!!!!

The way I see it, if you have alot of love to give to a child, then that's the
main requirement for having one!  Not whether or not you'll pass on some
disease!  Heck, you're just as likely to pass on heart disease and cancer as
you are diabetes!  In that case, NO ONE should be having children!  My children
are everything to me and I am everything to them, DISPITE the increased risk
for diabetes or any other autoimmune disease!

Don't let diabetes dictate your life or ruin your chances to have a beautiful


Heather & Diane wrote:

> Hi everyone I have just one question "if you are a diabetic why do you have
> children knowing you may pass on this horrible disease" I have made sure my
> child will not get this thing from me (by not having my own child) it's the
> least I could do for a child (please don't get mad at me just let me know
> the how's and why's and if there is guilt and all that I'm really very
> interested in real people's ideas since I know what the medical proffesion
> has to say on this)
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