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[IP] Why have children?

I have one child, born 19 years ago before home glucose testing and before I
found the pump.  I did not and still do not think of "passing on a horrible
disease".  In the first place, Type 1 diabetes is not highly hereditary.
Children of "diabetics" have just a slight increase in their chance of
becoming "diabetic".  Secondly, with the advances that have been made in
diabetes care, this disease is controllable and complications are being
minimized with good control.  I felt it was very important to have a child for
my well-being.  Diabetes has done a lot to my psyche over 36 years, and if I
could have a child like a "normal" woman, I was going to do it.
BTW, how long have you had diabetes, Heather?
Beth Smith
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/