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Re: [IP] Hi there everyone!

Welcome, Linda!

I'm not sure if you got an answer to your question, so I'll chip in here.

When I travel, I always change the time on my pump to match the local time
zone. I also make sure I check my BG more frequently, since changing the
clock may result in some basal delivery that is a bit different than what
I'm accustomed to.

Other folks have reported they don't worry about time zone changes, and
just leave the clock set the same. Since you are traveling across multiple
time zones and will be in your new location for a week, you'll probably
want to make the change. It may take your body several days after each
change to adjust completely. Just be sure to check your BG frequently after
the adjustments and you should do fine.

>Hi - I'm new to the list and have been trying to read some of the last weeks
>stuff (gosh, it's a lot) but I gave up on catching up.  Anyhow - I'm on day 2
>with the pump but not on insulin yet - (start the 18th).  I have a question
>though - What do you do when traveling into different time zones?  Do you
>change the time on the pump so that it adjusts to your new sleep schedule?  I
>live in Northridge, CA and am going to Florida for a week next month.  Thanks!
>I'm looking forward to "meeting" you all.

Bob Burnett

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