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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #628

Would it have been better for Beethoven's Mother not to have had him
since he would become deaf?  You can not judge the value of a life by
what they can not do, only by what they do.  


Heather & Diane wrote:
> Hi everyone I have just one question "if you are a diabetic why do you have
> children knowing you may pass on this horrible disease" I have made sure my
> child will not get this thing from me (by not having my own child) it's the
> least I could do for a child (please don't get mad at me just let me know
> the how's and why's and if there is guilt and all that I'm really very
> interested in real people's ideas since I know what the medical proffesion
> has to say on this)
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