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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #628

Heather & Diane wrote:

> Hi everyone I have just one question "if you are a diabetic why do you have
> children knowing you may pass on this horrible disease" I have made sure my
> child will not get this thing from me (by not having my own child) it's the
> least I could do for a child (please don't get mad at me just let me know
> the how's and why's and if there is guilt and all that I'm really very
> interested in real people's ideas since I know what the medical proffesion
> has to say on this)

What does the medical profession have to say?  They told me I just needed to be
able to get through a pregnancy safely so I didn't harm me or the baby.

Is diabetes really that horrible?  Compared to all the many types of cancer,
blindness, deafness, cebral palsy, multiple schlerosis, down's syndrome,
muscular dystrophy, lupus, arthritis, AIDs, and last 40 or 50 more, I thought
it was a pretty mild major disease.   When I work with students with most of
these diseases, none of them seem convinced the disease is worse than not being
born.  Of course, it may be that the grass is always greener...I don't know.

Lastly,the genetic link between parent and child is not one to one.  Neither of
my parents have diabetes (type one) nor does any immediate family member but
I've definately got the gene (I was tested as a kid).  On the other hand, I had
lunch today with a friend who has diabetic (type 1 and 2) family members and
doesn't have diabetes.  I think this is borne out statistically.  Also, I
believe fathers are more likely than mothers to pass along type 1 genes.  There
are definately hereditary patterns, they are just not that straightforward.  We
had an earlier discussion here a while back and I think we were able to
corroborate research that suggests that mothers with hypothyroid were likely to
pass along type 1 diabetes.  Does that mean they shouldn't have children?

When we went for pre-pregnancy counseling we were told there was only a very
small additional risk of having a diabetic child (although this is a pretty
large risk for most children anyway -- I think the odds are one in ten that any
child will develop diabetes in their lifetime).  The big risk is for other
problems caused by poor control during pregnancy.  I think I feel most worried
about/guilty about not being a healthy enough mother.  But then not all mothers
can guaratee their children long life and good health either so maybe I can
make up the difference with good care and extra enthusaism?

Not sure where all of this fits into your comment.  It was an intriquing one.

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