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    I have experimented around with exercise, and have done a few of the things that several folks have suggested. I have found that I am extremely sensitive to the humalog when I exercise, so I disconnect 1/2 hour before exercising, and take some carbos--depending on my BG at the time--before exercise. I usually suspend or simply disconnect for a 1/2 hour or 1-hour run.
    Recently, I played basketball and disconnected for more than 2 1/2 hours. I began with a high blood sugar of 215, played for 1 hour, and tested. I was down to 140. I played some more, and it was steady at 130. So I took a quick injection of one unit of Humalog (about 2 hours' of basal rate) and had 15g of quick-acting carbos (Gatorade.) After 2 hours, I was down to 114.
    I was very surprised that I was able to keep it regulated. I played hard. I can expect a significant drop when I run for 1/2 hour and have Humalog in my system. I don't honestly think I could duplicate this again!
    Of course, once I reconnected, my BG dropped to about 72 in an hour.
    Does anyone else have sensitivity to Humalog and exercise? It's not even worth it for me to go with a temporary basal rate; I am at a trickle of .4u/hr as it is.
running in Seattle rain