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Re: [IP] Parents of kid pumpers

> I always pack Jenna's lunch and write down her food's carbo's and
> her bolus.  She's a good eater, though, and usually eats whatever I
> pack.  I have a cell phone that's pretty much just for her, so she
> calls me if her sugars are out of "target" range, and we add or
> subtract as appropriate for highs or lows.  Recently, though, she's
> been "forgetting" boluses, despite me telling her, putting the note
> in her lunch box, etc.  What do you think, other pumper's parents -
> do your kids forget, even if you've just told them what to bolus? Is

Yeah, happens. I think they go through phases. When things get easy 
or 'normal' they start to act just like other kids. Lily did this for 
a while, then came around as she became more aware how important it 
is in the long run to have good hbA1c's. She had a mediocre one and 
we talked about complications (I did my best to worry her) and she 
has since come to a better understanding of what she faces if she 
does not maintain good control. She knows she can with a little work 
and understands the difference it will make in the long run. 

this was a hard message to get accross and it took some time.  Jenna 
is still very young, and an understanding of what lies in store for 
her if she goofs off is hard to convey. I would not hesitate to try 
and educate her in non-technical terms about the problems. Put in lay 
terms, going blind, losing toes or feet, kidney failure, etc.... Yes, 
it is probably scary for a child, or maybe not even completely 
understandable, but eventually you must get the message accross that 
she has the tool at her disposal that can prevent or at least 
mitigate all of those problems and that you and her dad will do 
absolutely everything you can to help. But.... she's in the drivers 
seat and has to remember......

Is that enough of a sermon?? <vbg> Maybe we can get Randall to make 
this on official :-)


> this a game all the kids have to try to play?  Jenna is 9, pumping 2

Not a game, they really forget.
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