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RE: [IP] exercise

Exercise is one area where I think most people have had to
figure out what works for them.  As for myself, the approach
depends greatly on the duration, moreso than the intesity.  

If I am doing short exercise, I cover with carbs.  For me
they act faster than any decrease in basal.  Also, if I
decrease my basal, I am likely to hyperglycemic afterward,
presumably due to there being insufficient serum insulin. 
Part of this I think is that short exercise is generally
more intense.  

For longer exercise, I have to reduce my basals and
generally do some extra carbs as well.  During the longer
exercises, I test during to see how I'm doing and adjust

There are also differences in the type of exercise.  Some of
these differences are hard to explain, but my experience
says this is how my body reacts.

You may want to look into/join the International Diabetic
Athlete Association (http://www.diabetes-exercise.org/).

Best of luck,

Hello pumpers,

I'm new to this List, pumping for 3 months.  I'd like to
hear of
pumpers' experience managing exercise.  I posted this
message to another
DM List I am a part of (though it is not exclusive to
pumpers), adn got
no response.  I've been a bit reluctant to take on more
exercise because of my short experience pumping and my bad
experiences with severe hypos and exercise.

How do you handle exercise?

1)  For long term (all day) exercise-- such as a mountain
hike I took
recently, in which I hiked for 6-7 hours, I used a temp
basal rate--
about half of my regular basal rate-- and still had some
then had some hyperglycemia later on.  I realize this is due
to the
increased need for insulin later on, but at nighttime, I
forgot to
adjust my nighttime basal, and had a severe hypoglycemic
episode in the
middle of the night!  I guess this was good information for
next time,
but dangerous!

2) I found for shorter term exercise 30 min to two hours or
so-- a temp
basal rate is not so helpful, nor suspending the pump, as I
have to plan
ahead and make adjustments one to one and a half hours prior
exercise, and the timing doesn't always work out very well.

3) What seems to work best is to exercise after a meal, and
I've halved my pre-meal bolus, then exercised and that
worked out well.

4) And lastly, when I exercise between meals, I eat some
carb and
sometimes add protein snack.

What has worked for you?

Type 1 x 27 years
Pumping x 3 months
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/