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Re: [IP] switching to humalog

> Hi friends. I will be switching to Humalog from Velosulin in the not
> too distant future. I started on V., but I keep having humongous
> post-prandials and am going to bite the bullet and switch. I would
> appreciate info. from those of you who also switched from V. to H.
> as to the best way to do it, what to expect, etc.. 

My daughter has switched back and forth a couple of times, not by her 
own choice as she prefers H. But.... basically all you have to do is 
move your basal rate start times 2 hours later when you use H or  
2 hours earlier if you switch from H back to V. There may be some 
small variances in basal requirements, but the time shift takes care 
of almost everything (at least for Lily). It goes without saying that 
you SHOULD profile your basal requirements after making the switch 
just to make sure you've covered all the bases. See "Pumping Insulin" 
or the web site HOWTO's for details on doing this.

> Also, does anyone
> know of any studies published or even articles written about mixing
> V. and H.-my endo. smirked at the idea, 

A lot of doctors smirk at ideas their patients bring to them like 
"I'd like to put my kid on a pump" .... what a laugh....

Anyway, no one has reported any studies. There are ancedotal reports 
from many list members that it has helped, and a few that it has not.

My daughter is among those who mix and find it very helpful. If you 
look at the ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page of the web site, you will see 
that about 80% of those mixing use a 5/1 mix ratio (5 parts H and 
1  part V, total 6 parts). With a smaller number using different 
ratios. When you are ready to try this, post to the list, I'm sure 
you'll get plenty of responses.

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/