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[IP] RE: Kids on pumps

Sorry Rhonda, but I'm with the kids dad on this one.  If you have a
competent endo and an excellent nurse educator, I'd say that the "poor man's
pump" is every bit as good as a pump.   My schedule was easily as variable
then as any could be -- I ate when I chose.  It's also a LOT cheaper.  It
does not work as well during times when your insulin needs vary widely
(pregnancy or gastroparesis), but I never found the shots to be a big deal.
It was much more discreet than the pump -- I'm fairly thin, with no
bustline, and don't really care if people know that I have a pump.  However,
if I did -- it is nigh onto impossible.  Granted, I find hiding it in
various tight garments extremely uncomfortable and someone else may not.  To
end this, I had 20 years of very successful (good A1c's), that I would not
have traded for the pump if there were no reason other than disliking the
Take care,

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