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Re: [IP] Parents of Kid Pumpers!

> Currently, I go to the school everyday at noon to stand there while she checks
> her BS levels and discuss her bolus.   I don't mind doing this and will
> continue doing this as long as necessary but if anyone has a solution to this
> I would love to hear it.  I have done this everyday since school started and
> if there would be another solution that is easier I would sure appreciate it.
> Incidentally, I pack her a 45 carb lunch everyday.  

Since you pack her lunch for her, ask for assistance from the school
personnel.  Kayla can't figure her boluses yet, so I put a sticky note
in her lunch bag that tells what the carb bolus should be for her
lunch.  Her teacher figures the amount to add or subtract based on what
Kayla's blood sugar is.  Kayla pushes the buttons to bolus and the
teacher verifies that Kayla entered the right amount.  For the first few
days of school, the teacher called me at lunchtime to make sure she was
doing the math correctly.  Now I rarely get a call and I don't have to
go up there every day!

Kayla's mom

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