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Re: [IP] Help with these Initials

There is a fairly complete glossory of the idioms used on our server.
You will find is as the first item on the FAQ page

Confused about the words we use? 


> At 04:44 AM 11/12/98  John Neale wrote:
> >> What is this YMMV?  I see it all the time, but haven't a clue. Would like
> >> help. I'm guessing that DM Is Diabetes Metal (Something or other haha)
> >
> >BTW, FWIW etc why on earth do we use the expression "Your Milage May
> >Vary"? I guess it's something to do with car fuel consumption. But I've
> >never heard it used outside the world of the internet. Is an
> >Americanism? When and why was it first brought into internet use?
> >
> >If we mean "doesn't work for everyone" why not say so... DWFE
> AFAIK this is definitely an American expression... taken directly
> from our automobile ads, where there would be a very large
> miles/gallon number and a very small disclaimer underneath (I think
> this arose in the mid-1970's during the first OPEC oil embargo).
> Because of the way it was used, it has become a cute way of making a
> statement and then quickly covering your backside. I've heard it
> occasionally used outside the Internet in the US... but those of you
> outside of N. America would have no way of knowing this, except via
> the Net. Don't ask me why we use this particular expression...
> idioms are unexplainable (IMHO)... but YMMV. Okey dokey? 
> Sam
> P.S. Another variant is YMWV (your mileage WILL vary).
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