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[IP] exercise

>I'm new to this List, pumping for 3 months. I'd like to hear ofpumpers' 
>experience managing exercise. I posted this message to anotherDM 
>List I am a part of (though it is not exclusive to pumpers), adn gotno 
>response. I've been a bit reluctant to take on more strenuousexercise 
>because of my short experience pumping and my bad pastexperiences 
>with severe hypos and exercise.How do you handle exercise?
  I hope you get a lot of responses - It's the best way to get started.  I 
first found the books by John Walsh very helpful especially "Stop the 
Rollercoaster" and Pumping Insulin.  There are very good sections on 
exercise.  Once you can follow them it things make more sense.  I also 
belong to IDAA (International Diabetic Athete Association) and many of 
these people have pumps.  Some people do wild things (ie walk across 
America).  At a convention I learned many tricks for dealing all sorts of 
exercise.  It is mostly practice once you have the ambition to try.  I 
recently rode my bike 120 one weekend.  It is not hard if you work up 
to it.  One thing to watch is exercising within about two hours of a 
humalog bolus.  It is very tricky to juggle exercise, meal, and insulin.  
Also on long hikes it is easiest to make the final adjustments eating - just 
not too much (I like the gels because they are fast acting).  I like to run, 
hike, bike, swim, kayak, . . .  Don't let this little inconvienience stop you!

Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Construction
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/