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[IP] DM Roundup:Reno

just received this from a friend on another list.  thought you all would be
interested in it.  hope to see you there.


>I have had a couple of posts from folks who are interested in information 
>on the DM Roundup in Reno.
>Basically its a gathering of diabetics from *all* the lists over a 
>weekend..or long weekend for some of us.
>Several people put lots of effort into making this easy to manage and 
>Natalie Sera acts as our hostess for the event as she lives in Reno.
>Why Reno?  Inexpensive airline flights, reasonable hotel rates, bright 
>lights/big city for some, trips to Lake Tahoe for others, gambling and 
>the buffets too!
>Several airlines such as Reno Air, Alaska and Southwest, run email 
>internet specials that can get you a flight very inexpensively if booked 
>way in advance.
>Since the Reno event is the weekend after Mothers Day, the dates will be 
>May 15 &16.
>In the past we have stayed at the Circus-Circus/Silver Legacy/El Dorado 
>complex but there is some push to look for another venue..and I am 
>working on that .
>What do we do?  Talk, eat, sit by the pool or in the sauna, have dinner 
>at Natalies house, compare pens and pumps and diets, meet email friends 
>and their family.
>Last year there was a phone call with Doc. Bernstein and a drive to Lake 
>Some listmembers love to play cards or the slots and some just want to 
>relax.  All those things are available.
>We usually try for a couple of group meals at the buffets...where 
>everyone can get something that is on their diets.
>Because this event is still a ways away, I  haven't done much in the way 
>of organizing, but I suspect there will be volunteers to help do the work.
>If you want to be on the list for further RENO mailings, please post back 
>to me with Reno in the header and your email address will go into my 
>group mailing list.
>Please don't post to the lists.
>BTW there is also a Southern Oregon event being planned which includes 
>boating on the Rogue River..Thats next summer and the event organizer 
>will post further on it. 
>mailto:email @ redacted

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