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RE: [IP] Re: Excercise


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>      Janet,
>      Regarding how to bolus for exercise, you mentioned hiking in the 
>      mountains.  Depending on the altitude difference from where you
> live 
>      and where you hike, you may need to adjust your insuling dose for
>      altitude.  For instance, I live in Illinois, and when I go up
> into the 
>      Rocky Mtns on vacation, I have to raise my basal rates.  However,
> if I 
>      hike or exercise up there, I then take LESS Humalog during that
> time 
>      period or slightly before.
>      I think (?) others have written about the opposite effect for 
>      themselves, so it's something you'll just have to figure for
> yourself. 
>       Just wanted to let you know, though, that altitude can have an 
>      effect.
>      -David
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