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Re: [IP] Parents of Kid Pumpers!

Don't know if this will help, but here's how we handle Stephanie's school
routine (she's nine, started pumping at 8).
Stephanie keeps a Fast Take meter in her desk at school and tests whenever
she feels the need. She also has glucose tabs and will treat mild lows (or
highs with a bolus) on her own. Every day, 15 minutes prior to lunch, she
goes to the office and tests on the One Touch we keep there. The teachers
all know that she does this every day, and there is no interruption to the
class as Steph takes care of remembering on her own (she used to wear an
alarm watch with 3 alarms...one for am snack, one for lunch test, and one
for pm snack...she got tired of the alarms and since she no longer needs the
snacks, she just makes a point of going to the office on her own...if she
forgets to go early, she ends up missing part of her lunch recess, so she's
pretty good at going on her own.) The 15 minute lead time allows a few
minutes for the humalog to start working in the few cases where she's been a
little above target.

For the actual lunches, I used to pack every day using this routine...I pack
what she's requested and add in a note with the carb values for each
individual item. This way, she can taylor her bolus to her actual meal. If
she's not as hungry as she had anticipated, she can leave off part of the
lunch and the corresponding amount of insulin. This works great for us.  Now
that I've relaxed a little, we let her buy lunch sometimes. Our school sends
home a menu monthly, so we just look at the options, make choices and figure
the boluses in the morning before she goes to school.

On the rare occasion where she has forgotten to bolus she feels so crummy
later that it's a pretty good motivator to not forget again.

Hope this will help...
Betsy Sale, Mom of Stephanie, 9

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