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Re: [IP] ADA Rally for a Cure, Washington DC March 7-9, 1999

Hi all,

Thank you Bernard.

Last night I was reading though the string where you were talking about
this meeting and the Scholarship.  I hope to be there!

By the way, I have been thinking a lot about Some of the kind of
visibility issues that were being talked about on the list.  It seems
clear that cancer and AIDS advocates and activists are quite good at
working toward and achieving some significant changes in $$$
allocations, research agendas and procedures, etc.  There is clearly a
lot that can be learned from their struggles.

One thing that seems interesting to me though, is how Diabetes advocacy 
groups seems to pit diabetes costs and mortality against those other
two diseases, specifically.  If not "pit" the one against the two, at
least compare the one to the two to make an arguement.  Can anyone help me
understand why this is the approach taken?

How do organizations for the other diseases approach their arguments? What
kinds of comparisons do they make?  Is there some way that we (people
affected by diabetes, active in thinking about and attending to our heath
and the health of those we love) can work with people with these other
disease so that rather than one taking resources from the others, we all
get more resources?  (Hopefully this is not naive idealism)  And I am not
saying that diabetes advocates shouldn't continue to make arguments for
increased funding, etc.! 

I know this isn't necessarily Pump related, but I am interested in
continuing to hear/read other people's thoughts...

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Bernard Farrell wrote:

> Full details, including 'scholarship' information can be found at:
>     www.diabetes.org/advocate/Nov98/rallyforcure.asp
> Last year about 500 people turned up, numbers definitely make the media and
> the politicians take notice. It would be great if we had a big crowd of
> pumpers there!
> If you can't make it, consider sending the information to friends, family,
> etc.

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