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Re: [IP] Help with these Initials

At 04:44 AM 11/12/98  John Neale wrote:
>> What is this YMMV?  I see it all the time, but haven't a clue. Would like
>> help. I'm guessing that DM Is Diabetes Metal (Something or other haha)
>BTW, FWIW etc why on earth do we use the expression "Your Milage May
>Vary"? I guess it's something to do with car fuel consumption. But I've
>never heard it used outside the world of the internet. Is an
>Americanism? When and why was it first brought into internet use?
>If we mean "doesn't work for everyone" why not say so... DWFE

AFAIK this is definitely an American expression... taken directly from our
automobile ads, where there would be a very large miles/gallon number and a
very small disclaimer underneath (I think this arose in the mid-1970's
during the first OPEC oil embargo). Because of the way it was used, it has
become a cute way of making a statement and then quickly covering your
backside. I've heard it occasionally used outside the Internet in the US...
but those of you outside of N. America would have no way of knowing this,
except via the Net. Don't ask me why we use this particular expression...
idioms are unexplainable (IMHO)... but YMMV. Okey dokey? 

P.S. Another variant is YMWV (your mileage WILL vary).

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